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Four quick steps to make your flowers last longer

So you got a bouquet of flowers, whether from a farmers market or your local flower shop. You're loving their fragrance and how the colors just pop. They make you feel good every time you walk by. You want to enjoy them for as long as possible!

Here are 4 quick steps to get the most out of your flowers:

  1. Keep them cool - Flowers do best in a cool location, 65-70 degrees is best. It's just cool enough to keep them fresh but warm enough to get those blooms to burst open. This will let your flowers bloom right before your eyes
  2. Keep them hydrated - If your bouquet is in a vase of water, keep that water full to the top every day. If it's in floral foam, keep that foam soaked with water. Flowers will drink a lot of water while their blooms are starting to open. That's a tough process to go through!
  3. Change the water - You might forget to add water to the vase once or twice, and that's ok. If you notice that the water starts getting cloudy, or dirty, it's time to change the water. Just like us, flowers want fresh clean water to drink. All you have to do is put your hand around the top of the vase and gently squeeze the bouquet together enough to lift the flowers out of the vase. Pour the old water out, and add fresh cool water. You might have a small packet of flower food, add this into the water and stir. Gently place the flowers back in the vase and slowly release your grip. The flowers will fall right back into place.
  4. Sit back & enjoy - This one is the best. Your flowers are ready to please. Just sit back and watch as mother nature puts on a show.


Four Quick Steps To Make Your Flowers Last Longer